About Mom+Baby

Supporting Illinois families by building networks and impacting legislation


  • Building community & support networks
  • Petitioning and taking action on legislative issues
  • Supporting & Sharing partner websites

In Person

  • Events for children, families, and moms
  • Partnerships with local vendors and supporters
  • Business networking groups

On the Hill

  • In-person trips to Springfield and DC
  • Monthly coffee dates with legislators
  • Proposing legislation
  • Supporting proposed and existing legislation
  • Lobbying for specific legislation and action
Our Mission

Mom+Baby is focused on making a local and national impact on the well-being of pregnant women, moms, and kids through legislation and advocacy. We’re a group of working and stay at home moms who support one another to be their best. Our group encourages women with children ages 0 to 5 to create friendships and support each other through attending monthly in-person events and participating in our online community.

Legislative Efforts

Mom+Baby sends women down to Springfield and DC to lobby on issues that we, as a group, support. We propose legislation, back existing bills, and lobby our representatives to make our voices heard. We also sponsor monthly coffee dates with our local legislators to get more women involved in the process.

Support Mom+Baby

Individuals and businesses can actively support Mom+Baby through membership, sponsorship, event hosting and more. Contact us to learn more about how to get involved.

Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get Involved with Mom+Baby: Volunteer, Join the Board, Donate, become a Business Sponsor, join a networking group, host or join a monthly event, and more. Sign up for updates on our website to learn more

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